TheNextFilm Talent

TheNextFilmFestival International is both a film competition and a talentcamp for young filmmakers. We have teamed up with a group of the best international film festivals and film schools around the world and asked them to send their choice of the best national film and the filmmakers to TheNextFilmFestival International.  


Talentcamp main theme: 

Follow your fascination /Find your style 

TheNextFilmFestival wants to encourage bold, personal style in both storytelling and imaginary visual spectacle. We are very proud to present our coaches who are masters of the art of exploring fascination and presenting the findings in magical movies.  

When? 28.08.17-02.09.18 (See time table on the left for more details)

Where? Teater Momentum,  Ny Vestergade 18

Talentcampers activities:

(below are all the activities relevant to Talentcampers)


Tuesday 28.08
14:00-22:00: Arrival & welcome

Wednesday 29.08 - Thursday 30.08
10:00-16:00: Talentcamp

Thursday 30.08 18:00-20:00: TheNextFilm Festival U21 & International Opening

Thursday 30.08

21:00-23:00: Film Quiz


Friday 30.08
12:30-14:00: Best OFF TheNext Film Festival

Friday 30.08

14:15-15:30 Talk w/ Anders Walter

Friday 30.08

16:00-17:20: International Film screening 1


Friday 30.08

20:00-22:00: Cozy Evening


Saturday 01.09

12:30-13:40: International Film screening 2

Saturday 01.09

14:00-14:45: International Film screening 3


Saturday 01.09

15:00-16:30: Seminar w/ Peter Schepelern


Saturday 01.09

17:00-19:00: TheNext Film Festival Awardshow


Annika Berg (1987) has been experimenting with innovative styles and unusual narrative forms since she was a teenager. From 2003 to 2006 she attended the Station Next film school in Copenhagen. In 2011 she was accepted at the highly appraised National Film School of Denmark from which she graduated in 2015 with her critically acclaimed short film SIA, winning Best Short Film at the 2017 Danish Robert Awards. Team Hurricane is her debut feature film, which has been praised as the future of Danish Cinema. Annika will share some of her unusual methods at the talentcamp. Her masterclass is on Thursday.  

Jens Arentzen (1958) is an actor, a film director, a scriptwriter, a motivational speaker, and first and foremost a COACH! He is known for his work on Blomsterfangen (1996), Solen er så rød (2000) and Festen (1998). He graduated from Aarhus theatre in 1979 and from the Danish Film School in 1989. He has taught acting and filmmaking at the Danish Film School and Danish theatre schools for over 20 years. Jens will help you shape your inner stories in to story structures. His masterclass is on Wednesday.  



Martin Strange-Hansen is a prizewinning director. In addition to working as a film director he has a lot of experience with script writing, script doctoring, lectures, and teaching. He is the only film director in Denmark to have won two Oscars! Martin will be leading a short workshop Friday on how to move on and turn your beautiful ideas into beautiful movies.  


(Language: English) 


The coaches