How Danish Film conquered the world 

When? 01.09.17 15:00-16:30 

Where? Teater Momentum, Ny Vestergade 18

Peter Schepelern will present a short survey of Danish film traditions from our great classic Carl Dreyer to popular comedy with the Olsen Gang, but the focus will be on the situation in more recent Danish cinema, on the role of The Danish Film Institute and on directors such as Lars von Trier, Susanne Bier, Thomas Vinterberg, Lone Scherfig, Jørgen Leth, Nicolas Winding Refn and Martin Zandvliet. Quite many Danish filmmakers and talents are now working abroad in international careers, a success story, no doubt, but also a challenge for Danish film. 



These years Denmark enjoys an international recognition for its films and TV productions. Several films have won or been nominated for Academy Awards and a concept like Dogma 95 attracted international attention and influence. This talk will suggest some Must-See Danish films and give some pointers about what to watch out for in Danish cinema. 


Peter Schepelern is associate professor emeritus at University of Copenhagen and has written on Lars von Trier, Dogma and New Danish Cinema.

(Language: English)