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TheNextFilmFestival International

The best from the best of young filmmakers around the world


TheNextFilmFestival International is both a film competition and a talentcamp for talented young filmmakers. We have teamed up with a group of the best international film festivals and film schools and asked them to send their choice of the best national film and the filmmakers to TheNextFilmFestival International along with a film teacher 

The competition

Ten films from around the world – most of them already award winners – are in a special section competing for the honour and a prize of 1000 dollars. The winner of TheNextFilmFestival International will be announced at the galla-award-show of Odense International Filmfestival which is hosting TheNextFilmFestival 


The talentcamp

Each of the films in the competition will be represented by two young filmmakers with a dedication to filmmaking and previous experience . The 20 international talents will be teamed up with 20 selected young Danish filmtalents for a couple of days of workshops, masterclasses and networking.


The teachers

Each country in the competition will also be represented by a film teacher. All the teachers will get together for workshops and sharing knowledge with the goal of sharpening their skills in the field of teaching film production to young talents.

Previous winners

Previous winners


The Zentropa Award


Danske Dramatikere Award

(Best international script)

Audience Award

Special Mention


The Zentropa Award

(Best International film)

TheNextFilmFestival International Audience Award

Best International Script


TheNextFilmFestival International Audience award

The Zentropa Award

(Best film International)

Danske Dramatikere Award

(Best script International)


The Zentropa Award

(Best International Film)

Best International Script

International Audience Award

(The Peoples Choice!)

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